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The Top Shelf Times : April 2024

The Top Shelf Times : April 2024

What an eventful month it's been! We've shaken off the cobwebs from the long winter and are now diving headfirst into the hustle and bustle of sweet spring.


Exciting news! Introducing our newest flavour: Foodtruck Poutine! Okay, maybe not everyone's cup of tea, but believe it or not, over 50 loved the idea. However, they received a Buttertart Moonshine complete with cheese curds and a gravy pack, all accompanied by a playful "April Fools" card.

Top Shelf Distillers Moonshine 750ml Reunion Food Truck Poutine Moonshine


Check out the Rideau Maple Whisky blog post, and where to Maple Syrup comes from. Rideau Maple Whisky Blog.

We're aiming to have Rideau Whisky bottled by the week's end. Our latest fermenters are operating at full capacity, tripling our weekly mash production from 2400L to 7200L. This will equal to filling 3 barrels of whisky each week. Tours are now even more immersive, as I'll be conducting distillation sessions on Saturdays, giving visitors the chance to witness the still in action firsthand.


On April 8th, 2024, the Solar Eclipse captivated viewers across North America. Here at Top Shelf Distillers we found ourselves in an ideal location, so why not have a little party! Our guests were treated to a goodie bag packed with moon cakes, starbursts, sun chips, and other space-themed treats to set the tone for the celestial event. Of course, to mark the occasion, we featured two cocktails: our refreshing spring vodka lemonade and a delightful Bumbleberry Moonshine creation to conclude the festivities. A great way to start the patio season off. Solar Eclipse Blog.


Over the weekend, Top Shelf Distillers took part in the 48th annual Festival of Maples in Perth! Alongside other vendors, we showcased our seasonal favourites for purchase and sampling: Maple Moonshine and Rideau Maple Whisky. The day was a resounding success, with over 30,000 attendees passing through. We sold 32 bottles of Rideau Maple Whisky and 114 various sized bottles of Maple Moonshine! It was an amazing day to be part of the bustling atmosphere in downtown Perth. We had the pleasure of making many new friends and reuniting with some familiar faces.



May 4th - Taste of the Trails
May 9th - Adopt a Road - Top Shelf staff cleans up the winter trash
May 18th - World Whisky Day - Event at Top Shelf



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