About Us

Distilling in Perth

Captain Joshua Adams built Perth’s first tavern in 1816. Years later, that number grew to eight taverns, seven liquor stores, and three distilleries. We are a town that knows how to have a great time, and we don’t see any problem with that. Adams began a legacy, and at Top Shelf Distillers we’re growing that legacy one bottle at a time.

Our still

At Top Shelf Distillers, we use a German-made still that is considered one of the finest artisan stills in the business, so of course only the best ingredients should go into it.

Our spirits

Our spirits go through a 3-step filtration process to make sure that happens. Step one is the reverse osmosis (RO) treatment, which purifies our proofing water. Step two is reserved for our vodka and gin, which uses activated carbon to remove impurities, balancing the taste so we can give you the drink you deserve. And just to make sure we’re giving you something really good, we send our liquor through a one-micron sheet filter, ensuring it’s as clean and clear as we intended it.

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