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In the age where craft distilling is on the rise, we are proud to be reviving the 200-year-old tradition of distilling in Perth.

Before the Ontario Temperance Act of 1916, Perth was home to four thriving distilleries, two of them in beautiful limestone buildings on the Tay River which intersects the town.

Old Perth Distillery

In 2014, we took an empty plot of land and transformed it into Top Shelf Distillers, a distillery with an attached storefront and tasting room.

Ontario Distillery

Christmas Market at Top Shelf Distillers

Christmas Market at Top Shelf Distillers

Our Products

We craft our spirits from locally sourced, natural ingredients using a 3-step filtration process that ensures high quality and exceptional taste of our products. With our twin column 16-plate Kothe still, we distill Top Shelf Vodka, Top Shelf Gin, Canadian whisky and cocktail bitters. Under Reunion Moonshine brand, we produce a 100 Proof moonshine (un-aged whisky commonly known as "white dog") and five varieties of flavoured moonshine.

 We are currently aging a Canadian whisky for an expected batch 1 release in 2019 after three years of barrel aging!

Proudly Local

Top Shelf Distillers firmly believes in local sourcing. Located in Ontario's agricultural hub, we use ingredients from within a 1-hour driving radius from the distillery. Not only does buying local provide us with high-quality grain and corn, but it also lessens our ecological footprint.

Top Shelf Distillers is committed to decreasing the environmental impact by donating spent mash to local farmers, initiating bottle collection programs, using recyclable & compostable cups, organizing spring clean-ups and providing power for electric vehicles. We also believe that through projects such as a wildflower garden that provides sanctuary for bees and other pollinators and transitioning to solar energy, we can help our environment proactively.

Top Shelf Vodka, Top Shelf Gin and Reunion Maple & 100 Proof Moonshine are available at many LCBO locations across Ontario.

All of our products, including those not available at the LCBO, can be purchased on this website.

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