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Top Shelf Distillers is in Perth, Ontario, Canada.

We launched our distillery in March 2014 with Vodka and Gin. Once we got going, we started aging our Whisky and we launched Reunion Moonshine. We've since established ourselves in the sweet space with flavoured dessert and cream liquors. We’re known for our butter tart moonshine. We take desserts seriously.

During the pandemic, we made Hand Sanitizer through a crowdfunding campaign with support from local companies like Metro Grocer and IKEA. We do that kind of thing often: it’s hard to keep up because we’re ahead of the curve. Some say we are the fastest growing craft distillery. Some say we are the most advanced distillery in eCommerce and technology - after all, our founder wrote and sold a browser for mobile smartphones way back in 1997.

Our focus now is growth. We plan to grow by 2x, 5x and 10x over the next 2-5 years - and to primarily grow via our corn and rye based whisky.