Honey Ginger Syrup
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Honey ginger syrup is the perfect way to ensure the honey blends harmoniously with the rest of your ingredients. Enhanced with the contrasting flavour of fresh ginger, this simple syrup recipe is a sure way to enhance any cocktail. 
Raspberry Syrup
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This syrup takes that awesome berry aroma and translates it into a delicious and fragrant, full flavoured syrup. Excellent in cocktails when following the recipe, you can also thicken it up by reducing it over-heat and adding a bit of extra sugar to use it on pancakes or desserts!
Orgeat (Almond) Syrup Recipe
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Complex and delicious, this syrup recipe is sure to get your creative juices flowing when it comes time to create cocktails at home.
Strawberry Simple Syrup
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Remember those strawberry picking days with the family when you were younger? We decided to take those memories and bottle them up into a delicious syrup.
Peach Simple Syrup
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Peach flavour can compliment just about any cocktail from vodka to whisky based drinks. Your imagination is the limit.
Cucumber Simple Syrup
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Alongside citrus fruit, cucumber is an excellent bright and breezy summer flavour. It has cool flavours that add a nice light vegetal note to a number of cocktails. Its approachable and delicate flavours and aromas can often be overlooked when creating cocktails.
Cinnamon Simple Syrup Recipe
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Cinnamon syrup can add a nice touch of spice to your cocktail. It is also delicious in coffee and on desserts. Cinnamon syrup is very popular in Tiki style cocktails.
Honey Syrup Recipe
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Honey adds a nice touch to gin, vodka and whisky based cocktails. Beautiful earthy flavours with a slight floral aspect to it.
Simple Syrup Recipe
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Learn how to make the simplest of simple syrups. A key ingredient in so many cocktails.

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