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Summer Staycation

Summer Staycation

Nothing says summer flavour like the classic combination of coconut and pineapple. Inspired by the Pina Colada and the Chi Chi cocktails, the Summer Staycation is the perfect summer refresher either at the cottage, on your patio or anytime you wish you were anywhere but “here”. Let go of everyday stress with this vacation in a glass, in the comfort of your own home. Fresh and bright flavours of pineapple and lime with a hint of effervescence keep things oh so refreshing. Grenadine serves as a sweetener and creates a beautiful gradient effect making this a super sexy, 80’s style cocktail. Disco drinks are making a comeback, so it’s time to whip out the grenadine and mini umbrellas once more! In this recipe we play with infusions. You will be flavouring your Top Shelf Vodka with some coconut. This takes a day or two, so if you need a vacation right now, you can skip the infusion, but you will be missing out on half of the delicious tropical flavours this cocktail has to offer.

* * * 
Before making this cocktail, you'll need to take a field trip to get some ingredients, or if you have these ingredients already, you're good to go!
2 Limes


*Coconut Infused Vodka: Put shredded coconut and 200 ml of vodka in a clean, glass container such as a mason jar. Seal and shake. Let sit for 48 hours, shaking once after 24 hours. Strain and rebottle. 
    • Dehydrated Lime Wheel
    • Cocktail Umbrella


    Collins Glass



    In a Collins glass filled with ice, add the coconut infused vodka, lime juice and bitters. Stir gently to blend. Add 4 oz of pineapple juice (half a can). Add the grenadine syrup and top with soda water up to the brim. Garnish with a piece of dehydrated lime and a cocktail umbrella. 


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