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Pretty In Pink

Pretty In Pink

Simple to make and easy to drink, this cocktail is refreshingly tangy, floral and a touch fruity. Top Shelf Gin’s floral properties are complimented with a few dashes of Top Shelf Blueberry Bitters. The gin’s aromatic notes are complemented with fresh raspberry flavours and a touch of citrus, the perfect fruit combination to pair with gin, more so Top Shelf gin, with its fresh grapefruit properties. A bit of lime flavour and some fresh lemon juice makes for a brightly flavoured thirst quencher. Sweetened with honey syrup instead of traditional simple syrup, the local Ontario honey brings forth a richer flavour and an earthy tone that ties the cocktail together. Pretty In Pink is an approachable cocktail that will fancy just about any palate. 


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Before making this cocktail, you'll need to take a field trip to get some ingredients, or if you have these ingredients already, you're good to go!
2 Lemons



    Lemon Wheel


    Rocks Glass


    In a Rocks glass filled with ice, add all the ingredients except the Raspberry Lime soda and the garnish. Stir to combine. Top with up to 6 oz of the Raspberry Lime Soda. Garnish with a dehydrated lemon wheel. 

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