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Rose Gold Sour

Rose Gold Sour

Bling, bling. Let those taste buds shine. When one thinks whisky, they imagine an old style cocktail, spirit forward with bitters and that's about all. Perhaps a pour on the rocks or neat, showcasing its golden colours. Simple, elegant. But gold is so 1980… Now, it’s all about the rose gold, baby! This whisky sour riff takes a more lighthearted approach; taking a robust spirit like Perth Whisky and blending it with delicate flavours of rose and hibiscus. 20 years ago, if you said whisky was a man’s drink, most would agree. Today however, whisky is enjoyed by all, regardless of gender, status or geographical location. Shine on, friend. Enjoy a whisky and be sure to show off all of your bling while you do it, especially that rose gold.



Dried Rose Petals



Rocks Glass



In a cocktail shaker with ice, combine all the ingredients except the garnish and the County Bounty soda. Seal and shake vigorously for 20 seconds. Double strain into a Rocks glass, half filled with ice. Let the foam settle. Near the rim, slowly pour the County Bounty soda until the foam rises to the rim. Garnish with a single dash of Top Shelf Aromatic Bitters and a light sprinkle of dried rose petals.

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