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Maple Tapped Whisky

Maple Tapped Whisky

Whisky is a heck of a delicious drink, and oftentimes associated with a way to warm up during cold winter months. Whisky can, however, be delicious in refreshing drinks. Not often do we see whisky served up as a brunch cocktail, but this easy to drink little number may be able to do just that. Grapefruit, and maple flavours blend with Perth Canadian Whisky for a unique take on a whisky highball cocktail. A few dashes of Spiced-Up Chocolate Bitters adds a layer that intrigues as these unique flavours are combined in a very unique way. Have a go at tweaking this recipe to your own personal preference. Perhaps a little more maple syrup for a sweeter earlier drink, or maybe less soda and more grapefruit for a more sour approach. Every ingredient is so unique that simple tweeks can totally customize your drinking experience. Don't have any maple syrup on hand? No problem, try this recipe with honey or even simple syrup!



  • Dehydrated Grapefruit


Collins Glass


In a cocktail shaker, add whisky, grapefruit juice, bitters and maple syrup. Add ice to the shaker and shake vigorously for 10 seconds. Strain into an ice filled Collins glass. Top with Sap Sucker Sparkling Tree Water. Garnish with a half wheel of dehydrated grapefruit.