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Crushing Vines

Crushing Vines

This cocktail takes a unique approach and mimics the flavours found within certain varieties of white wine. Flavours of pomme fruits such as apple and pears, as well as some nuanced grape flavours, paired with a slight acidity. This cocktail utilizes a fun syrup recipe, by turning a non alcoholic sparkling wine into a delicious wine flavoured syrup. The same process can be done with any white wine, which makes this syrup ideal for wines that have been oxidized, giving them a new life instead of a life down the drain. Bright, floral, fruity, and elegantly mellow, this cocktail will have you thinking you’re enjoying a sauvignon blanc, or maybe even a dry riesling. Enjoy a taste of the vineyards, without actually having to decant a bottle. 



Dehydrated Pear


Coupe Glass


In a cocktail shaker filled with ice, add all ingredients, but only 3 dashes of the Lemongrass Bitters. Shake vigorously for 15 seconds and double strain into a chilled Coupe glass. Let the foam settle. Once the foam has settled, add 2 dashes of Lemongrass Bitters over the foam and garnish with a slice of dehydrated pear. 

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