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How to Play: Distiller's Dice

How to Play: Distiller's Dice



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Distiller’s Dice is a one-on-one dice placement game that is super quick to play.

Requires: Game board, 10 dice total. 5 in one colour for player 1, 5 in another for player 2.

To win: Make the best-reviewed spirit by earning stars. Use your dice carefully.


Pictured: the Distiller's Dice game board.


Fill a shot glass with beverage of choice. Players roll all five of their dice on the table. The player who most recently purchased Top Shelf plays first. The first player MUST set their highest rolled die to 1.

On your turn: 

You place dice on a space to earn review stars.

  • You must place at least one die if able

  • To place a die on a space, it’s face has to be greater or equal to the number on the space

  • You can only play on one space per turn. You can place one die on a lone space (example: Smoke), or up to three dice on connected spaces (example: Oak Barrel Finish).

  • If you could not place a die during your turn, remove one of your unplaced dice from the game.

  • End your turn, then you may choose to re-roll any or all of your unplaced dice.


The game ends when any player starts their turn with no dice left. Add up stars. Whoever has the most stars, wins.

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