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A Word From The Distiller

A Word From The Distiller

Cream liqueurs are some of the most enjoyable spirits on the market.  The reason is they hit more of your taste buds than traditional spirits. 

Generally, we're all aware of at least four different tastes.  The sweetness comes from the sugar added and the cream's lactose.  Saltiness comes from sodium and chloride ions, a common but more subtle trait of cream liqueurs.  Sodium, and other ions, may sound odd, but when combined with proteins, they help stabilize the beverage, so the cream doesn't curdle.  Bitterness and sourness don't play a huge role in Irish cream, although subtle bitterness is present in coffee, chocolate, and whisky.  Savoury is one of the lesser-known tastes that primarily comes from two different amino acids, glutamate and aspartate.  Glutamate is the most abundant amino acid in dairy, contributing to its delicious savouriness. 

Surprisingly, we may not know as much about tongues as we had thought, and newer research indicates that we have receptors for fatty tastes - which cream is full of.  This could be what sets cream liqueurs even further apart from the pack.  Most spirits will hit one or two of your taste bud receptors, while cream liqueurs are hitting four or maybe even five receptor types!

Another funny thing about taste is that you rely on your involuntary nervous system to detect it.  It's the same part of your nervous system that controls your emotions.  Evolution helped develop this ability, as there are risks associated with eating different plants; it could be life or death.    Bitter and sour were often dangerous, while sweet and salty were often the more nutritious, less risky option. 

This could be why you feel so pleasant and so safe when drinking Irish Cream :)

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- Garrett Kean