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A Day At The Peach Cocktail Image

A Day At The Peach

 The taste of summer peaches is unbeatable. Juicy, fruity and packed with flavour. This cocktail is all that, and more. Top Shelf Gin brings the party to the beach with it’s lively and unique flavour profile of juniper and citrus. Match that with the flavours of peach liqueur, Orange bitters and the tartness of cranberry juice and you’ve got a full blown, summer ready, super juicy flavour combination. Top Shelf gin shines through, accentuated with nuances of stone fruit and citrus. Strong enough for the experienced imbiber, smooth enough for all to enjoy. Go ahead, enjoy a day off and find your own personal beach to recharge on. No need to invite anyone else, the party is in the glass.






  • Peach Slice
  • Mint Spring 


  • Rocks Glass


  • Add all Ingredients except Cranberry Juice and Garnishes in a Rocks Glass.
  • Add ice.
  • Top with Cranberry juice.
  • Garnish with a peach slice and Mint Sprig.



Other Applications of Top Shelf Orange Bitters