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Rising to the Challenge with Top Shelf Distillers
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Rising to the Challenge with Top Shelf Distillers


The challenge: Canada needs sanitizer, and fast.

Let's go back (only briefly, we promise).

In the Spring of 2020, we responded to the call-to-arms to quickly produce hand sanitizer for Canada’s front-line workers and the growing need in homes across the country.

We acted quickly, creatively, and with intention. And by working together and with hospitals and organizations across Canada, we helped make a difference.

But that was the first in a set of new challenges facing Canada.



The challenge: Getting product to you safely and quickly.

Moving anything across the country, and the world, has become a lot more difficult. People all over Canada are feeling the rising costs from the premiums on importing goods, post-pandemic freight costs, and more.

Surprisingly, our biggest obstacle in getting you our stuff has been finding enough bottles to put it in. To better serve you, we are finding new ways to get our stuff to your door, and we are always looking to support Canadian manufacturing first.

So when you get something from us and notice a different look, know that it is making a difference.



The challenge: Grow more trees for our country's future.

We like trees. Canada is better with them. And we can do a whole lot more to make #MoreTrees happen.

#MoreTrees is a way to recover the damage made in the past and to seed the future, starting locally.

With a national shortage for seedlings combined with the federal government’s mission to plant billions of trees, we had to think different. By focusing on our local communities and empowering our friends and customers to make a difference, #MoreTrees is shaping the future of Canada.

One tree at a time.


Michelle Groulx

December 09, 2021 at 01:30 PM

I love this! These are the reasons I prefer to shop local, even if Perth is so far away from Vankleek Hill. Lol Big chain companies do this for publicity. Seems local folks do bc they want to.

I too am a huge fan of planting trees. If we can, we are looking forward to planting at least 50 next Spring on our small farm.

Dylan Boomer

October 29, 2021 at 11:39 AM

I really like this story. I feel a greater connection to your company and the challenges you face to supply your delicious and safety products! PS: love the Sherry Cask Whisky

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