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Introducing Reunion Field Trip Moonshine

Introducing Reunion Field Trip Moonshine


Top Shelf Distillers is excited to announce the newest addition to our Reunion Moonshine family: Reunion Field Trip Moonshine.

With the winter weather upon us, we are finding ourselves craving the heat from the sun and fruit-filled flavours. While we can’t manufacture sun, we CAN get adventurous with our newest moonshine. 


Here's Amie from our Field Trip team to get some details:

Hi Amie! Tell us about the Reunion Field Trip Moonshine line.

Field Trip aims to showcase small businesses and local farmers! We want to honour these efforts through the creation of very small batches and our hands-on approach. For our current two flavours, Gnarly Strawberry and Bumbleberry, we spent time touring the farm, and learning about its history and practices. We rolled up our sleeves to pick the berries and press the fresh juice for the moonshines. We wanted to make something that would highlight freshness of the local produce, and we think this is what makes this artisanal product so unique!

What has been the flavour inspiration for these moonshines?

Nostalgia. I remember growing up in Ontario, and going berry-picking at my family farm. I wanted to revisit those flavors of fresh produce picked at the peak of perfection. And that's Field Trip.

What would you recommend pairing these moonshines with?

These are great on their own with such fresh, sweet and tart notes. For a simple cocktail I would add ice and some soda for an easy sipper. For something sweeter, try using ginger ale instead! You can find our favourites here.

Reunion Field Trip Moonshine is a labour of love. We know you can taste all that care and attention to detail. Let us know what you think in the comments or on our Instagram or Facebook page!