Reunion Dill Pickle Moonshine

Reunion Dill Pickle Moonshine

This is a small-batch product available for a limited time throughout the year. 

Reunion Dill Pickle Moonshine is teeming with Ontario garlic dill pickle spears immersed in our traditional moonshine.

This jar contains 375 mL of pickle brine moonshine that we make by blending our traditional moonshine with the brine that gives these Ontario pickles their famous flavour. Add a moonshine infused dill pickle spear to a caesar or have a shot of straight up moonshine brine… any way you slice it, this is a dill-icious way to get a little pickled.

Ingredients: Ontario cucumbers, water, corn spirit, salt, fresh garlic, fresh dill, spices, mustard seed, calcium chloride.

Alcohol: bottled at 25%

Volume: 700 mL