The Z Files: The Succubus

Need some help? Spoilers here.

Here's a link to the answers for the puzzles (in case you are stuck or something isn't working).

General: If you are having trouble with the web app, consider playing on your computer instead (the larger text and keyboard might be easier to play with)

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function myFunctionGettingStarted() {
alert("After taking it all in, you should first get access to both characters terminals by visiting the code on the back of their badges. Wolf can access his first, and Diana second.");

function myFunctionSuccubus() {
alert("The Succubus.exe puzzle has 4 numbers. You must find them by solving the other clues in the game, and return to it later.");

function myFunctionWolfRiddle() {
alert("To get Wolf's terminal password, solve the riddle with the rose on it. The hint on the card should be enough to figure it out. Make sure you enter his password IN CAPS");

function myFunctionCodeInject() {
alert("The code print out pairs up with the file on Wolf's computer. Click on RUN.exe to start entering the code. Wolf's file will provide you the template for entering the code: perthnet.local/users/truth.exe");

function myFunctionMapPuzzle() {
alert("Look through both characters computer files for references to locations. Connect the locations on the map by drawing a line and connecting the dots. It will reveal the first digit for the Succubus' code.");

function myFunctionJournalPuzzle() {
alert("Line up the wooden pieces correctly on top of Wolf's journal to reveal a hidden number.");

function myFunctionPhotoPuzzle() {
alert("After putting the photo together, refer to Diana's terminal files to find out that it is the third digit.");

function myFunctionPoemPuzzle() {
alert("This one's tough. The structure of the poem is the key. Jacob is obsessed with ending characters. There's a message hidden in the last character of each line.");

function myFunctionDarknetPuzzle() {
alert("The Darknet password can be solved by finding all of the snippets for Diana's missing number puzzle. Look through her files, and in Wolf's trash, for all of the pieces you need. It will tell you where to look.");

function myFunctionDarknetPuzzleB() {
alert("The password is hidden in the box itself under a side flap. The paper should read: username iamthesuccubus password dianabones");

function myFunctionBombDiffusal() {
alert("Refer to the bomb diffusal guides to figure out how to properly diffuse a bomb. If you can't quite get it, you can keep trying after the timer runs out!");