Top Shelf Bootcamp

What is Bootcamp?

We have created a framework for students in STEM where they learn how to operate a distillery. That includes producing their own product. Top Shelf Bootcamp lasts four months and aligns with a typical COOP term or summer internship.

We currently operate Bootcamp during the January to April and May to August terms.

Bootcamp II operates through the September to December term and will be launched in 2023. It is a more intense program as the season is our busiest, with deliverables on the roster for Black Friday and Christmas timeframes.

Why Bootcamp?

During Bootcamp, students learn how to operate most aspects of a distillery, including a canning line, bottling line, equipment maintenance and upgrades, logistics and sales support. They also learn the processes of product management, market research, product definition and design. 

Ultimately, they then actually produce and sell their own product. They do this throughout their term with the support of all Top Shelf Distillers' team members.

Boot Camp Projects

First term: May 2022, two students joined together to work on a South Korean spirit known as a Soju which is a flavoured 35% rice-based neutral spirit. The students designed a custom label done in conjunction with Michael Zavachy (aka Zeke) here in Perth, Ontario.


We are accepting applications for the January 2023 term from across Canada via