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A Guide to Cocktailing FAQ

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Q: What is the cost to join the Guide to Cocktailing Subscription Service?

A: You can make a one time purchase for $109.95 or select the monthly subscription for $99.95 and save!

Q: How does payment work for the subscription?

A: Your initial payment will be taken the day you join the club at checkout. After that sit back and relax, your next payment will be taken on the first day of the following month. 

Example: checkout January 25, your next payment will be automatically taken on March 1.

Q: When will I receive my first box?

A: Shipments go out on the 15th of the month (or the next business day.) In order to have your box shipped on the 15th, you have to order by the last day of the previous month.

Example: Orders on or before January 31 are shipped February 15; orders from February 1-28 are shipped March 15.

Q: Will I need bar tools to start the subscription service?

A: No way, that’s one of the perks of joining this exclusive club. We will be teaching you how to make cocktails using whatever you have at home as we help you grow your at-home bar with a new tool every month!

Q: What all is included in the subscription box each month?

A: Each month you will receive the Top Shelf Times Newsletter with all the insider details about what’s new at the distillery, in our community, as well as which charity we are supporting that month; a copy of the Guide to Cocktailing educational magazine containing the industry’s best kept secrets; Top Shelf products from bitters to moonshine; top of the line bar tools provided by Fifth and Vermouth; mix; garnish; local goodies; as well as the heart-warming feeling of doing a good deed as 6% of the proceeds from our subscription service goes to the charity of the month. On top of that, you will get exclusive access to our Top Shelf Community Group!

Q: Why should I become a member?

A: Besides all the cool goodies and knowledge you will gain, you will also be the first to hear of new product launches, sales, discount codes, as well as free shipping as long as your subscription remains active.

Q: How does this differ from your regular cocktail kits?

A: Our regular cocktail kits include all the ingredients needed to make a specified recipe that is included. Our cocktail subscription service is an educational and lifestyle based subscription. We teach you bartending basics from the ground up, while helping you build out your at-home bar by including tools and Top Shelf products. By the end of the year you will have the tools necessary to make an array of cocktails as well as the knowledge to do so confidently! And yes, we teach you a new cocktail every month that uses your new bar tool as well as the know-how of using it properly; we even include most of the ingredients needed for your cocktail (some fresh ingredients will need to be added to your grocery list such as fresh citrus and herbs.)

Q: How long will the ingredients in my subscription box keep?

A: We include only non-perishable items in your kit to avoid any spoiling.

Q: How much is shipping?

A: You’re a member now, members don’t pay shipping! Choose from local delivery or Canada-wide shipping at checkout.

Q: How do I cancel my subscription?

A: You can do this anytime and easily! Just go to your Top Shelf account and select “Manage My Subscription” just below “Account Details''. From there you can select pause/resume or cancel. This allows you to have the option to pause, cancel, or choose your subscription frequency.

Q: Can I order past boxes?

A: No need to! Because this subscription box is an educational based service, the boxes are sold in chronological order. This means that everyone will receive the same boxes in a row! Goodies and charity components vary month to month.

Q: What if my box is missing items or something is damaged?

A: No problem! You can email us or choose the chat option on our website and our customer service family will sort this out for you! 

Q: How does gifting a box work?

A: We love that you want to send a special somebody the gift of knowledge! You can choose either a one time purchase of one box or the monthly subscription at check out. Here you will fill in the giftee’s delivery details. Once complete send an email to and indicate the number of months you would like to gift the box, and the date that you would like your giftee to receive the news! A custom gift email will be sent to your giftee on the date provided.

Still unsure if the subscription box is right for you? 

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we’d love to help answer any questions!

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