Stuck In The Present 2

Click HERE to load the game.



  • The game will load in a new window. Hints are available below if you get stuck! Problems loading the game? Try running your browser in In-Cognito mode, or clearing your cache.
  • Recommended to play on a Tablet or Laptop if sharing with friends and family. Phones are pretty big now, though, so a phone is probably fine!
  • Sound is disabled in-game except for one specific puzzle. You'll know it when you find it.
  • This game is completely re-playable for other friends or family. Simply box it up again and pass it along. There is one component you may want to write on. If you do, contact us and we can get you a digital file to replace it with.
  • Technical stuff (if needed): This game runs in HTML5 and has been tested on iPhone, Android, Windows, and Mac. All browsers are a little different, but Chrome, Safari, and Opera all seem to work just fine! The game is about 20MB in size.


Need some help? Spoilers here.

Here's some answers for the puzzles.

There is a number common to all Top Shelf products. It's the year Top Shelf Distillers was estabilished: 2014
There's a ghostly spirit who appears in the future if you are patient. Click on him, and refer to Garrett's signature blend in his journal.
The Mammoth Cheese in 2021 needs the input from the Cheese-related documents. 23C - 40% - 28, then jump to the future.
The last words in each line in Riff's poem, when read together, say: PRESS HOLD STATUE VISAGE. Hold the statue's face in 2077. 
After finding Garrett's hiding spot, you can listen to the radio in 2021. Set the dial to 101.5. Listen to the radio quiz and answer the 80's trivia questions. The trivia card will read MAGIC.
If you visit Garrett at the Distillery in 2021, a journal will appear. Write in it: COSMIC DUST, ONTARIO CORN, and MAGIC. See what happens in the future...
In order to change the future, Garrett needs to make a very important hiring decision.