Top Shelf Distillers Games The Z Files: Episode 1
Top Shelf Distillers Games The Z Files: Episode 1
Top Shelf Distillers Games The Z Files: Episode 1
Top Shelf Distillers Games The Z Files: Episode 1

The Z Files: Episode 1

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THE Z FILES: Episode 1 - The Succubus


  • 1 x Game for 2 or more players and 60+ minutes of puzzles. Playable in-person or remotely (Zoom, Facetime, etc).
  • Love Potion Recipe card for mixing a special cocktail
  • 1 x 750ml Reunion Raspberry Moonshine
  • 1 x 50ml Spiced Up Chocolate Bitters
  • 2 x 200ml Fever Tree Club Soda


  • An internet-connected device (Computer, iOS device, or Android), preferably one device per player.
  • For remote play, order one game per player so you both have all of the physical clues required to play properly
  • While the game is designed for two, larger teams can work together and enjoy!


This experience is for adults only (19+) and has mature themes.

Agents Wolf and Diana are CBI (Canadian Bureau of Investigation) officers haunted by an old cold case. For years, a murderer and hacker known as The Succubus terrorized unsuspecting victims. The few who survived have been left raving obsessively over her alluring, mysterious character. Some have even claimed her to be otherworldly or demonic.

In February, 1998, Wolf and Diana find themselves caught in The Succubus’ next puzzling attack. The hacker has planted a bomb to detonate in the CBI headquarters in Perth, Ontario. By carefully working through the clues and exploring the dark secrets hidden in the PERTHNET computer system, can you stop The Succubus before it is too late?

THE Z FILES series is our first in mixed technology puzzle games. Each game features an assortment of printed puzzles and clues that work alongside a web-based game that guides the story towards its epic conclusion. This is our third experience, and it promises a more challenging puzzle than our previous offerings, The Seance of Victoria Hall, and Stuck in the Present.

This is an experience produced by Top Shelf Distillers and Midnight Society Games. This game will be our first to be re-giftable by printing and replacing used components.


If you solved the extension puzzle for our previous game, Stuck in the Present, you can enter the secret code in the comments section of your checkout. We will upgrade you to the PREMIUM edition free of charge, with extra exclusive stuff!

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