National Secrets: Oak Island Experience Game
National Secrets: Oak Island Experience Game
National Secrets: Oak Island Experience Game
National Secrets: Oak Island Experience Game
National Secrets: Oak Island Experience Game
National Secrets: Oak Island Experience Game

National Secrets: Oak Island Experience Game

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Note: This is a pre-order product that will be delivered before Canada Day, July 1. This product is extremely limited and will sell out.


Most unexpectedly, an old package arrives at your doorstep. It's post-marked from your distant uncle Henry, who you recall vanished without a trace several months back. For as long as you can remember, he dedicated his life to finding things lost in time, digging up hidden stories and secret truths. You look closer. There's a note fixed to the top of the package. It explains that there is one mystery left unsolved. The curse of Oak Island lingers, and he couldn't quite piece it together, before it was too late...

Standard Game:

  • 1x Game Box for 2-4 players (or more), designed to be played in-person.
  • An estimated 90-120 minutes of fun: our most challenging experience yet.
  • 3x 200ML Reunion Moonshine: Butter Tart, Apple Pie, and Ontario Cherry.
  • Each box is built with layers of puzzles that unravel the story of Oak Island's treasure from coast to coast.
  • Each Game Box includes about a dozen challenging puzzles, including hand-made components, beautifully designed pieces and artifacts, and a real cryptex-style puzzle device.

Upgrade to the Premium & Customized Game:

  • NEW: Each Premium & Customized Game will be tailor-made for your unique group. Our Game Masters will contact you by email to learn about who is playing, so we can include you in a customized experience specific to your group. 
  • Upgraded to 3x 750ml of Reunion Moonshine: Butter Tart, Apple Pie, and Ontario Cherry
  • Includes secret, exclusive collectable content limited to this first launch


  • This game is analog and does not require any devices! It's perfect for a weekend at the cottage, or a night in.
  • While the game is designed for 2-4 players, larger teams can work together by dividing the puzzles and looking for connections


More info:

This experience is for adults (19+) and has some mild themes, however families can enjoy the puzzles and story together with discretion. Images shown are approximations of the final game box to keep the mystery real! This game is a work of fiction.

This is our biggest puzzle-based experience game, National Secrets: Oak Island. In our series of puzzles games, like the Seance of Victoria Hall, or Stuck in the Present, players work through a series of puzzles to unravel a mystery and story while enjoying a selection of Top Shelf Distillers drinks.

In National Secrets: Oak Island, players will journey across Canada from coast-to-coast as they crack the unsolved mystery behind the fabled Oak Island treasure. By working together, you can trace the story from province to province, map and plot out the events, and unravel the hidden story about secrets passed down through generations... just in time for Canada Day!

National Secrets: Oak Island is an analog experience game, meaning everything you need to play is included in the box. With dozens of puzzles, there is a ton of content to sink your teeth in to: a real cryptex device that holds the conclusion of this story, a weathered, illustrated 300-year-old map of our country, and a whole lot more.

This game is our most involved experience yet, and it is designed to be challenging. It may need to be solved over multiple sessions, but it includes enough hints and pointers to help out if you get stuck. 

The Premium & Customized game is a way for us to provide you with an amazing and tailored experience, specifically for your home. Our Game Masters will contact you to add relevant characters, names, locations, or stories to your box to create a personalized experience we've never been able to do before. If you are hosting a party, a work or business event, an evening in, or maybe you just want the most immersive Top Shelf Games experience possible, the Premium & Customized experience is for you.


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