236ml Sanitizing Handwash (Indiegogo Backer Limit 1 Only)

236ml Sanitizing Handwash (Indiegogo Backer Limit 1 Only)

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Product Details:

1 Crowdfunded 236ml bottle of Top Shelf Sanitizing Handwash. 

Carefully created following the World Health Organization’s guidelines.

  • 91.8% w/w. alcohol hand sanitizer
  • Ingredients: ethyl alcohol (96% abv), hydrogen peroxide (3%), glycerine (98%). These three ingredients are used in the ratios outlined by The World Health Organization
  • Hand-crafted and bottled in Perth, Ontario

Thank you so much for your support as we scaled our production. You have helped us grow our production exponentially and help Canadians everywhere.

After 14 days, any unclaimed bottles will be donated to our growing list of charities and hospitals.