Lanark Highlands 6 Year Whisky


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A premier whisky born in Ontario, aged six years in American oak barrels.
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Small batches made in perth, on

This is a preorder product. This extremely limited batch is expected to mature and then ship mid-October, 2022.


Introducing Lanark Highlands 6 Year Whisky

The great poet William Langland once wrote “patience is a virtue”, and this rings especially true with our Lanark Highlands 6 Year Barrel Aged Canadian Whisky. After many years of patiently waiting, tasting, and letting it rest some more until it had reached peak excellence, our special corn forward blend of whisky is ready to be released from its cask and into your glass.

With a rich buttery texture and velvety smoothness, one can expect refined aromatics of American oak, caramelized nuts with hints of sugary vanilla. The sweetness of corn grain and malted barley co-mingle with a spiciness expected from a touch of all Canadian Rye grain. Slight notes of peppercorn balanced by toffee and subtle smoke makes this a unique sipper we’re proud to call our own. Made of the highest quality Ontario grown grains, the experienced imbiber can expect a slight fruitiness within its cereal character, making this a versatile spirit enjoyed on its own or in a classic cocktail recipe. 

It’s been a long time since we put this whisky in-barrel and it’s finally time to awaken it from its slumber.


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ABV: 45%

Size: 750ML

Note: Bottle and label may vary for final product.

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No, this is a revival of old practices. In the late 18th century and early 19th century, barrels were used to transport gin as a cost effective and safe way to travel. Barrel aged gin has been making a comeback over the past decade.