236ml Hand Sanitizer 3-Pack

236ml Hand Sanitizer 3-Pack

Product Details:

Three (3) 236ml bottles of Top Shelf Hand Sanitizer. 

Carefully created following the World Health Organization’s guidelines.

  • 80% alcohol hand sanitizer
  • NPN: 80099346
  • Ingredients: ethyl alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, glycerine. These three ingredients are used in the ratios outlined by The World Health Organization
  • View the MSDS Sheet PDF for details
  • Hand-crafted and bottled in Perth, Ontario


Pricing Details:

We value transparent pricing in our healthcare product.

  • Our 236ml bottle 3 pack (708ml) is priced at $18.45 and with HST is $20.95
  • The raw cost of each bottle is aprox. $4
  • The remaining revenue from each bottle sold is reinvested directly to scale our production
  • We remain staunchly against price gouging and our goal is to better serve all of Canada


Delivery and Pickup:

  • After production, you will be contacted for pick-up in Perth or at Makerspace North in Ottawa.
  • This product ships anywhere in Canada. Our current shipping timeline is 3-5 business days for processing, and 1-3 business days for delivery to Canada.
  • Eligible for Same Day Local Delivery


Bottle Return Program:

We ask that you hold on to your empty bottles of Hand Sanitizer when they run out. The world is experiencing a shipping and supply chain backlog, especially when it comes to plastic products. We plan to start a bottle return program as soon as possible to mitigate the impact on our output. Even if you don't plan on ordering more hand santizer, returning your empty bottles will only help us get it into the hands of someone who urgently needs it. 

Hand Sanitizer bottle return is available 24/7 at stand-alone bins at the distillery in Perth and Makerspace North in Ottawa. These bins are only for returning hand sanitizer bottles.