Tom Green 200ml 3-Pack

Tom Green 200ml 3-Pack

Enjoy this 3-pack featuring 200ml of each: Maple Bacon, Cosmic Cinnamon, and Chocolate Peanut Butter.

"Legend has it Tom Green’s great-great-grandfather Tom Green the 1st would drink Moonshine in the woods of Northern Ontario.  Often a local beaver would emerge from the forest, sit down with him, and imbibe in good cheer.  Or so the legend goes...

Tom Green is a Canadian stand-up comedian who started The Tom Green Show in the Ottawa Valley and is excited to be working with Top Shelf on his Canadian Moonshine.

Enjoy this delicious chocolate peanut butter moonshine with good friends. Good times. Enjoy it with your beaver".

- Tom Green

Alcohol: 30%.

Volume: 3 x 200ml