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Top Shelf employees picking up trash

Everyday is Earth Day 🌎

Yesterday our team headed out to Perth’s Wildlife Conservation Area to participate in our bi-annual roadside clean-up!
Lanark County’s Adopt-A-Road program, which facilitated the clean-up, is dedicated to creating a cleaner environment and more scenic roads in the county. We picked up a few bags worth of trash and recyclables (including a Top Shelf bottle… ) within 2km. We were glad for the opportunity to do our part in maintaining the beautiful natural scenery in and around the conservation area. 
As a distillery, we are constantly reminded of our reliance on Ontario’s abundant natural resources, so we’re always looking for new ways we can maximize our positive environmental influence. Great job team—let’s keep it going for the fall!!
If you ever find yourself unsure of the proper place to dispose of your empty bottles, we’ve prepared this helpful graphic for you. Be sure to recycle our bottles, or return them to our storefront for 25 cents each. 

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