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We’ve got what you need. Our spirits & bitters made from local, all-natural ingredients, are carefully crafted to bring you a top-quality product that you'll enjoy.

It’s the way we were meant to drink.

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This vodka is a classic, and through our distilling process, we make a beverage that can turn a few heads. With a 100% locally-sourced corn base, a sweetness that drives people wild, and a light, dry finish, this is the liquor whose smoothness and versatility make it a hit at any party (or in any cocktail).​​


A true classic, our London Dry gin is the ultimate choice for the savvy sipper. Juniper berries and fresh grapefruit peel blend with faint notes of cardamom, angelica, and liquorice to make this an intoxicating combination you won’t be able to keep your hands off of. Don’t forget to share, though, because this is a beverage that’s always in demand.​​


A testament to the original rebels—our Prohibition-era ancestors—this moonshine will have you seeing stars. Made from a secret family recipe and crafted with locally-sourced ingredients, this is a liquor that could sway even the staunchest of teetotalers.


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Top Shelf Bitters were crafted to elevate cocktails for both seasoned bartenders preparing libations in cocktail bars and for those who are totally new to the world of mixology. Not only a flavouring agent for cocktails, bitters are often used in the culinary world and added flavour in non-alcoholic drinks as well aiding the bodies creation of digestive enzymes.