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October 6, 2017

Reunion Apple Pie Moonshine

We've taken one of the Fall's most savoury treats and bottled it.
Apple pie is the oldest and most traditional flavoured moonshine recipe. Since the rise of North American moonshining before the revolutionary war (one of the core reasons for the revolution was colonists were growing tired of paying high taxes to the British, especially on spirits) moonshiners were always searching for news ways to make their 'shine more palatable.
In order to make their product more appealing to everyone, bootleggers started cutting their moonshine with flavours like cherry, blackberry and, of course, the ever popular apple pie. Adding juices and spices takes away some of the heavy alcoholic flavour and delivers a still potent but delicious concoction.
Today, Reunion Apple Pie Moonshine pays tribute to moonshiners past with a premium spirit based on their centuries old recipes.
Take a sip of the past while you settle into the Fall with Reunion Apple Pie Moonshine.
Available exclusively at our distillery.

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