Our Tale

We’re a society
of individuals.

Playing by the rules was never our strong suit, and we didn’t want it to be. It’s what makes us stand out. At Top Shelf Distillers, we’re bringing it back to the originals, the trailblazers, the groundbreakers, and we’re celebrating their legacy.

The Ontario Temperance Act brought prohibition to the province from 1916 - 1927

A powerful brewery and distillery sector and a large working-class population that demanded the right to buy alcohol failed to repeal the ban for 11 years

At Top Shelf, we
believe in recognizing
where we came from, and where we’re going.

The original anarchists started here in Perth, producing fine spirits dating back to 1816. We count ourselves lucky to be part of their story.​

Cheat on your old favourite

There was one small loop hole for Ontarians to enjoy an alcoholic beverage during the prohibition era

In 1923, the Ontario government allowed the sale of light beer, considered to be non-intoxicating and generally reviled by drinkers

3 ways to serve your alcohol

  • ice

    On the rocks

    poured over ice
  • shaker


    shaken and strained
  • glass


    pure and untouched