The Bulletins

October 6, 2017


Baconpalooza is a... you guessed it, Bacon themed food symposium full of restaurants, chefs, pork purveyors and bacon enthusiasts alike gathering at the Museum of Agriculture. The three day food festival takes place outside the museum on the grounds of the agriculture museum. Lynn Crawford came on stage while we demonstrated how to make our Hog-'Shine caesar for the crowd, a sweet moonshine caesar with some sweet whisky punch.

Want to make it at home? Here's the recipe:
1. Rim a glass with bacon bits
2. Fill with ice
2. Hot Sauce
3. Worcestershire
4. Spices of your choosing
5. 1 oz. Reunion Moonshine 100 Proof
6. 1.5 oz Reunion Moonshine Maple
7. Fresh lemon
8. Walter Craft Caesar Mix
9. Garnish with celery
10. Imbibe

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